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How to use HemaGel® correctly?

Rinse the wound under running water

If there are HemaGel® residues on the wound, gently remove them. Dry the wound or let it dry

Apply a thin layer of HemaGel® on the wound

Approx. max. 1 mm and spread so that it extends slightly onto healthy skin.

1) There is a risk of wiping of

If the wound is in a place where the HemaGel® is at risk of
being wiped off, we must cover the HemaGel® with a nonabsorbent cover.

2) There is no risk of wiping of

If the wound is in a place where is no risk of wiping off the HemaGel®, we do not need to cover it with a patch or a bandage.

Then cover with a secondary covering - a bandage or a gauze square

If the wound is smaller, you can cover the HemaGel® layer with a
pad plaster. Before taping, apply a thin layer of gel to the pad as
well so that HemaGel® does not absorb from the wound.

Where can HemaGel® be bought?

HemaGel® is available in all pharmacies in the Czech Republic. Your
pharmacist will be happy to advise you on the correct application
and possibly other questions. If you would prefer to buy online,
you can also do so through these partners:

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Exclusive distributor for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

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