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For whom, and for what, is HemaGel® PROCTO intended?

How to use HemaGel® PROCTO correctly?

Suppository should be administered rectally, with the rounded end first, if possible after a bowel movement. ONLY 1x PER 24 HOURS.
Separate one suppository from the blister strip along the perforated edge, then tear the packaging by gently pulling it a part and remove the suppository
lnsert the suppository deep into the rectum, rounded end first; this is best done in a slightly bent-forward position

Where can HemaGel® PROCTO be bought?

HemaGel®  PROCTO is available in all pharmacies in the Czech
Republic. Your pharmacist will be happy to advise you on the
correct application and possibly other questions. If you would
prefer to buy online, you can also do so through these partners:

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